SVR_Strategies for Visual Research
This brief of this project asked us to scoop the area where we live, define an issue and solve it through design. I live near the intersection with Orford Road in Walthamstow and I decided to focus on Walthamstow Village and how to improve its visibility. Through a deep research on the area, interviews with stakeholders and people living or working in the Village and their feedbacks at different stages of the project, I finally designed an app for its visitors and residents to raise the awareness of the Village and its offers in order to attract more people and bring tourists. I also created a printed map with all the spots in the area that offer a service and I created an app launch event in order to make people aware of this app and its functionality. Finally I made a stop motion video that summarize all the content and the features of the app

At the bottom you will find also the first attempt for a logo and its realisation with lasercut and letterpress.

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